A Copywriter That Asks You To Pay Him After The Service Is Done

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Hi, I’m Ian. The founder and affiliate marketer for World Affiliate, and just recently, a copywriter in training.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want to write copy for your business.

There’s one benefit in all of this for you. You get to pay me anything after I write your copy for you.

No risk on your side.

If you’re interested, read until the end of this post to find out how you can be one of my first lucky clients.

The Current Situation – COVID19

The world is a mess right now and so is the economy. Your business can’t be caught with its pants down.A Copywriter That Asks You To Pay Him After The Service Is Done. Photo by Luca Onniboni

Your main form of revenue has been shut down and there is nothing you can do about it.

All your attempts at working from home goes unnoticed by your clients as they are enjoying their staycation.

Your business is closed, but how can you assure your clients that you will be there for them when all this chaos is over?

The Offer & The Reward

Sure, you can get a premium copywriter to write you premium content. But, can you afford it with the current COVID19 lockdown?

Here’s my offer!

I am going to take on a select group of clients and write their copy for them.

After I am done with it, you can either run with it or reward me based on your assessment of my quality of work.

How many marketers out there will give you this offer?

Let me write your newsletters and keep your clients interested while you prepare for the big re-opening of your business.

If you don’t take action and let me know you are interested you will not:

  • Have returning clients appreciating the services you offer.
  • Have a buzzing business right from the lift of the lockdown.
  • Keep your clients occupied instead of your competitors.

Maybe you’ve been dreading how to recover business from the lockdown and even gain new clients to make up for the loss of the last few weeks.

Maybe finding creative ways to keep your clients engaged is not your forte.

If you don’t take this offer, will your competitors have a leading edge in marketing?

Why not stand out from them and start now by giving your clients a clear indication that you will lead them above other companies?

Connect With Me – Set Your Business Up For Recovery

If you want to be prepared for the re-opening of your business, all you have to do is send me an email.

If you are hesitating, think thoroughly about this. I want serious clients who understand the immense benefit of this offer.

I will only take on a select group of clients. I want to offer quality over quantity.

If you are ready, send an email to [email protected]

World Affiliate. Photo by Ian

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