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Welcome to World Affiliate! I offer insight into affiliate marketing, a process where you deliver reliable material to a client that then allows them to make an informed decision on products that you recommend! It’s not as difficult as it sounds, and it is even much easier when you partner with Wealthy Affiliate to give you the world’s best training in this market.


I realized my life was not how I wanted it to be; I work a job from 8 to 5 day in and day out. I didn’t have time for my personal goals and went home with a lot of stress that will only repeat on the next day.

This was my routine until I got fed up and my passive research led me to a life changing word, kaizen. It is philosophy that I’ve adopted where I drive my self-improvement at full speed without looking back at what could’ve been. The journey isn’t perfect and it took a few months as well as money spent on potential income that didn’t pan out.

This is where I had a lucky strike when doing research on an MLM scheme (multi-level marketing). I found out about Wealthy Affiliate, an organization dedicated to training people on a personal level by letting the entire community pitch in.

At first, I was skeptical, since I previously had to do with income methods that required a large amount of money to invest first before you can reap the rewards. This is not the case with Wealthy Affiliate, as they let you test the waters before diving right into to the abundance training that is available!

At this moment, I am grateful in discovering them and extremely thankful for their training. You won’t find a more honest opinion out there! 🙂

The Journey. Photo by Dane Deaner


I have seen quite a few people in my life struggling to maintain financial stability in my life. The majority of these people are old or retired (my parents included). It’s tough to see your parents trying give you the best life and keeping your life debt free, but unfortunately a bunch of factors leads to the worst outcome.

I don’t want to see that happen to good people. Bringing happiness back into a person’s life and letting them live comfortably is something everyone should be able to achieve.


My site offers you personal insight into the life and training of an affiliate marketer, a title that I now consider my own. Through my experience I want to show you just how profitable affiliate marketing is. Not just that, I want to show you how life changing it is to be your own boss and not have to worry about working hours of your life away for a penny.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


[email protected]

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7 thoughts on “About Ian

  1. Hello Ian,

    Good to hear about you and your goal. The story your told about you and your job life is appreciating. Also glad to know about your MLM research. The things you have told will help online workers willing to start affiliate marketing business. I am one of then. Happy to know about your will to help people. Thanks for sharing this. Best wishes for you also

    1. Hi Zihad. 

      I am really grateful for your feedback! I am looking forward to educating anyone and everyone that is interested in changing their lifestyle and break free from monetary bondage!

      Good luck in your ventures!

  2. Great to meet you Ian! I love the kaizen philosophy – everyone has regrets in life but building on lessons learned to better one’s self without letting the past get you down is definitely the way to go. 

    I admire your motivation to enhance your life while helping others do the same. I look forward to following your journey and watching your site grow. I will definitely bookmark your site and check back for your tips and advice regarding the affiliate marketing world. Keep up the great work 🙂 

    1. Hi Shannon. The Kaizen philosophy has certainly helped me take great leaps towards my independence.

      I look forward to hearing again from you. I hope you enjoy my content as much as I like to write it!

  3. Hey Ian – 

    I think you are like the vast majority of us who have found our way to WA. We’re looking for more! More of all the good things that life has to offer, but have been out of our grasp (until now).

    You piqued my interest with your discovery of kaizen. I looked up its meaning, but I would like to know just what it means to you and how you implement it in your affiliate marketing approach. 

    I just started level 5 of the training, and am looking forward to the finish line and subsequently seeing the fruits of my labor. 

    Are you at the point where you are cashing in yet, or are you also working towards that end? 

    I’m excited about the potential with this way of earning money, and am always looking for inspiration from others in the field. You’ve provided that here with your website – keep up the good work Ian!

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom,

      That is indeed the case. My time with Wealthy Affiliate is not for nothing, and I have already achieved so much,

      With the kaizen philosophy, I apply a set of simple rules:

      * Mainly, if it improves my skills to be financially independent I will give it a try. Based on my current income, if it exceeds that then it is viable. If it doesn’t, I can still review it and monetize it for my reader’s benefit.

      * I do not discourage a possible income only because it is not viable or fun to do. I gamify my approach to tasks, so i make it fun on my own. Each step is progress towards a better life.

      * I apply kaizen to my personal life as well. I will try to motivate myself, friends and family to improve themselves as well. It ensures we all live in a richer (emotional and financial) environment in the end.

      As of today, by applying kaizen almost a year ago, I have started to reap the rewards of my focus. I have just started earning my income in the week that has passed.

      May you have great luck in your ventures forward.

  4. Hello,

    This is an interesting article about affiliate marketing. Thanks, Ian for sharing his story. I am really inspired by this article. I am also a part of Wealthy Affiliate marketing. I am very happy to be a part of such a huge community. I am a student now I hope if I work hard I can also get success in my life. Some articles are life changing this is one of the articles. I am really happy to get your article.

    Thank you so much for writing an amazing and helpful article.

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