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I’ve been in affiliate marketing for a bit more than 6 months now, and I’ve never looked back. Why is that? It’s because I can attribute part of my success to Wealthy Affiliate’s modular training. Here’s my take on an affiliate marketing training course that works!

For those of you that don’t know, modular training is a system of education that allows you to train and improve on certain parts of a course in great detail without having to start a new course from scratch. Each part of the course only conveys the information that is required to master that aspect of it.

Affiliate Marketing – The Freedom To Enjoy Life

What would it feel like to be finally free from financial burdens?

That’s the question I asked myself in July 2018, on a desperate evening. I was trying to figure out what it would take to move out of an overpopulated house, earn money that doesn’t include me slaving away behind a desk and that would require little to no investment to see results.

My first opportunity presented itself as an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), also dubbed pyramid schemes. The presenter told me it was an opportunity to give me the freedom to travel the world and never work again in my life. I only had to pay some money in and get 4 people to follow me and then let those 4 people get 4 people to follow them.. sound familiar?

That’s sounds a lot like “We’ll give you this great experience, but you need to help us first.”

But thankfully I found a place where I am given an opportunity to experience firsthand what a course offers and then commit to a career. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was an affiliate marketer.

My giveaway to you is, that no matter how desperate the situation, there’s always an ideal solution if you look in the right place.

Affiliate marketing ticked all the requirements that will make me a passive income for years to come as well as teach me the framework for building a business confidently.

What I’ve unlocked with affiliate marketing:

  • Building hope towards a better future.
  • I work my own hours and… I enjoy it.
  • I have invested very little and my results are generously more than expected.

Modular Training – Better Than School

People tend to experience education from different perspectives. Mine is a simplified version of sitting all night and trying to Wealthy Affiliate Training is like a Tree. Photo by Sean Browncram in everything possible to ace that crucial test. But, what if I told you it isn’t like that anymore?

What if instead you can choose a topic and learn it in such detail without having to pass a prerequisite course just to grasp it? Well, it is fully applicable in affiliate marketing; and not just anywhere, but with Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s so easy to miss, because every member is busy with the smooth transition between levels that they focus on their success instead of experiencing struggles with the course content.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is like a tree. You take root and build your knowledge level by level. Each level gives you the same access to all the community’s resources and assistance consistently. Thus, each block is consistent in its design and will teach you its piece of knowledge and let you know where it links in with the other blocks.

To give you an example. The online entrepreneurship training starts out with you building a website and preparing it for readers to enjoy your content as well as aesthetically. After this you are prepared to start attracting your readers to your site by the simple and cost free method in organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) management.

Wealthy Affiliate Course Layout. Image courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate.

Gamify Your Education

Life is more fun when you turn your regular routines like studying into something that rewards you for completing your goals. A growing trend that some of you technophiles will know of, is to gamify your life. Many apps promote the completion of tasks by rewarding users with an incentive.

I like to take this to a new level by taking serious matters such as training and breaking them into smaller tasks. Again, consistency is key and Wealthy Affiliate offers just that. Goals are continuously found in the training and helps you to find your place quickly and move on to the next exciting step!

Gamify Your Education at Wealthy Affiliate. Photo by senjinpojskic

Wealthy Affiliate – The Not So Secret Place

If you’ve come here today and never heard of Wealthy Affiliate before, you haven’t read the right reviews. Each member of the Wealthy Affiliate University will tell you that it’s world-famous education cannot be compared to other platforms, because other platforms do not put in the same effort or offer the features that Wealthy Affiliate does.

Wealthy Affiliate is a step in the right direction and then some more. Every year more improvements are applied and the platform is made more user-friendly. The founders, Kyle and Carson, regularly engage with their members and if they don’t add enough insight, then there are countless other members that aspire to follow in their footsteps, bringing more to your table than you can imagine.

The university is based on the principle of helping one another above all. You’ll never lack support for your burning questions and there are many places on the platform to ask them. Questions led to answers, and answers led to insight. Insight delivers results. You’ll find the right person that will interpret your question in such a way that you understand it fully.

It Works – Here’s Why

Wealthy Affiliate Works!

People are hungry for knowledge, to get that edge on your competitors and to succeed in your life goals.

Every member at Wealthy Affiliate work like a well-oiled machine to boost each and every person’s potential. You’d think that because every member is an affiliate marketer that they will want to out compete fellow members.

None of that happens. The niches in online marketing is so broad that you would never fail to find readers for your content or people that need help on a specific topic.

Also, the fact that each person is unique means that no one will have the same take as you on a specific niche. Each site you build is unique and will become authoritative in its lifetime.

If your looking for a community in which you can thrive and double and even triple your income passively, then Wealthy Affiliate is the gateway to your success. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself for free, until you’re ready to commit!

Wealthy Affiliate Works - Here's Why. Photo by SCY

4 thoughts on “An Affiliate Marketing Training Course That Works – Modular Training

  1. With anything in life, I found that the mountain infont of one is the most offputting thing when starting something new. WA really broke the process down into bite size pieces that assisted me to progress at a pace the suited me. The course was not only broken down into chapters but also the subsections were short and to the point to support those who have already a full schedule like me.

    How fast or slow you progress is completely up to you and the flexibility is why i recommend this product for those serious about their future.


    1. I love that you can set your pace of learning at Wealthy Affiliate. It’s all up to you and you determine your rate of success.

  2. Thank you for sharing your ideas on Wealthy Affiliate and the teaching technique used. As a member at WA I have very good experience with modular training. What I like most is that you have access to all the material so any time you would like to use a part again, you can. I’ve seen other platfroms where you don’t have direct access to the trainings so you cannot decide when and what to see. You have also mentioned support from others at WA. Yes, I must add that it’s been the best online community for me as all the others are eager to help in case you need it. My main aim with online marketing is the same as that of most: to become free and independent from 9 to 5 and spend as much time with my family as possible. I’m really optimistic that I’ll achieve my goal in the near future.

    1. Hi Agnes.

      Knowing which parts of the education to access again to improve your knowledge is an amazing feature of Wealthy Affiliate. I know I use it a lot to reapply some knowledge I missed or forgot.

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