CM Trading South Africa – Live Account Review

CM Trading South Africa - Live Account Review

CM Trading is a South African forex and CFD broker founded in 2014. It is the brand name of ?Global Capital MarketsCM Trading South Africa - CM Trading Logo Trading?. The award-winning broker offers low spreads, swift order executions and a responsive customer support team. It offers over 130 assets for trading on cutting edge platforms. Today we are going to do a review on the live accounts of CM Trading.

CM Trading is owned by ?Blackstone Marketing SA (PTY) Ltd? which is regulated by the ?Financial Sector Conduct Authority? (FSCA) of South Africa. All clients? funds are held in segregated bank accounts while the website and trading platforms are protected by SSL encryption to ward off internet hackers. The broker offers up to 50 currency pairs, about 4 crypto assets, over 65 stock CFDs, more than 15 indices and up to 12 hard and soft commodities.

Account Types & Leverage

CM Trading offers 4 account types to satisfy the need of every trader.

Bronze Account

The ?Bronze account? is targeted at beginner traders with a minimum deposit of $200.

CM Trading South Africa - Bronze Account. Image retrieved from CM Trading.

Silver Account

?Silver account? can be opened with a deposit of $1,000 and offers spread as low as 1.2 pips.

CM Trading South Africa - Silver Account. Image retrieved from CM Trading

Gold Account

$10,000 is the minimum deposit for ?Gold account? which comes with 0.9 pips for the benchmark EUR/USD as well as rebates.

CM Trading South Africa - Gold Account. Image retrieved from CM Trading.

Premium Account

The ?Premium account? is designed for experts, institutions and professionals that have huge trading capital. The minimum deposit is $50,000 and account holders are offered the best trading conditions.

CM Trading South Africa - Premium Account. Image retrieved from CM Trading.


The maximum leverage for all accounts is 1:200.

Demo Accounts

Demo accounts are available for practice purposes and it is preloaded with virtual funds.

ECN Accounts

ECN accounts are available under the Gold and Premium account classes. Swap free Islamic accounts are available on request. Several account funding options are available such as Bank transfers, credit/debit cards as well as online payment options such as Neteller and FasaPay.

Trading Platforms – MetaTrader 4 & CopyKat

CM trading provides 2 trading platforms for all its clients: MT4 and Sirix WebTrader. The MT4 trading platform is a very popular trading platform widely used by millions of traders from all over the world. It comes preloaded with tools used for order management, trading and analytics.

Metratrader 4 Tools & PluginsCM Trading Offers Crypto Currency Trading

Another important feature of the MT4 is its scalability allowing the installation of plugin apps to extend its tools. It also allows the scripting and deployment of software robots (Expert Advisers) which is used to automate forex and CFD trades. The MT4 is available as WebTrader, windows desktop application and as mobile apps built for android and iOS devices.

Sirix Web Trader & CopyKat – Unique to CM Trading

The Sirix WebTrader is another powerful platform offered by CM Trading. It is web-based and has all the necessary features for trading and analysis. A prominent feature of this platform is the ?CopyKat?; a social trading platform which enables traders to make profits by replicating the trades of other expert traders. Traders are only required to open an account, make a deposit, access the Sirix WebTrader, search for successful traders and copy their trades automatically. If you want to read more about CM Trading’s CopyKat Tool follow this link.

Which Tools Does CM Trading Offer?

In order to help its traders succeed, CM trading offers a range of tools like the economic calendar, daily forex signals, chart analysis, news and market analysis.

Guardian Angel

CM Trading?s Smart Communication System is a platform tool that gives information to clients at no extra cost. It incorporates the ?Guardian Angel System? which gives automated feedback on a client?s trading style.

Bonuses and promotions are always announced on the website in order to welcome new traders or encourage old clients.

24/5 Customer Support Like None Other

The multilingual customer support desk is always available 24/5 when the markets are open. The team can be reached via CM Trading South Africa offers 24/5 support. Photo by Blake Wiszinstant web chat, WhatsApp, 11 international and one local phone lines, email and ?contact us? forms. The support representatives are fast, knowledgeable and always willing to assist when a problem arises. I cannot emphasize how much support I’ve received from CM Trading; even during times of crisis they put my mind at ease.

Training For Experienced & Advanced Traders

Beginner Traders

Are you a new trader, experienced or expert trader? Then, CM Trading is for you. Beginner traders are provided with training eBooks, video lessons and frequent webinars. A practice account is also available.

Expert Traders

Expert traders are supported with sophisticated platforms, analytical tools, daily forex news and market analysis. New traders can profit by copying the trades of experts via ?CopyKat? while experts can earn commissions by becoming signal providers. All traders can benefit from the daily signals delivered via sms, email, tweets and RSS feeds.

Why CM Trading Will Double Your Forex Investment & More

Finding a comfortable source of income that you enjoy doing and find happiness in it isn’t easy. That desk job you’re stuck in, that boss that seems to dictate your every move and removing your freedom in life. The fear that you have of not knowing when your next pay check will be your last or that fear of not having a future seems paralyzing.

Fortunately there are options you can choose from; doors that will open if you only make the necessary choice.

I have been on the brink of some fierce battle in my mind when I finally decided to live a life of self-improvement, no matter what obstacle comes in my way.

Fortunately for you, I have found several niches where I have made a successful income. Trading Forex is one of them.

Today, I am going to leave you with a trustworthy broker and a free trading strategy that allowed me to earn thousands of dollars with a small investment.

It’s my sweat and hours I put in, so you don’t have to. You have the advantage here to have a great start in Forex trading.

Still not convinced?

Here’s another review I did on CM Trading and my Forex strategy, just for you.

And when you are ready, join the best financial broker in Africa.

Opening a CM Trading account takes only a few minutes. Just visit the website; and create a new account by filling the online form, after which you make a deposit and then commence trading.

CM Trading South Africa - Live Account Review. Photo by Gerd Altmann

8 thoughts on “CM Trading South Africa – Live Account Review

  1. Hi Ian,

    I am not particularly educated the it comes to Forex, but I am looking on to creating additional revenue streams. You say that CM Trading has a Bronze Account for beginners. Is this good for people that are just starting with no knowledge at all, or would you recommend that I get some background knowledge before using this service?

    1. Hi Tom,

      The bronze account of CM Trading is an excellent starting position for beginners. 

      There is one suggestion though… your success so much greater the more money you deposit.

      In other words, the higher your starting capital is, the more money each trade makes. Because, the more capital you have, the more money you make with the slightest movement in the market.

      And with the Corona virus running rampant right now, common sense says to stay away from the market.

      My strategy that I discuss on my blog is still relevant and capable of generating an income. I have still generated profits in the last work week. 

  2. Thanks for the informative review of CM trading in South Africa. I never heard of this forex trading company. I am surely interested in investing. I see that it has many different levels. I am assuming this is based on what ever package you join and you get others to sign up you only get wealth if they signed up from the package lower than yours or the same package. If a person sign up for a package higher than your package than we lose out. Overall, informative review for I would like to know your rating on this company?

    1. Hi Brittany,

      I want to ensure you that this is not an MLM or pyramid scheme. Thanks for pointing this out though.

      Each account type doesn’t have anything to do with your rankings compared to other people.

      Everything each account offers is made for you and you only. It has nothing to do with your interaction with other traders.

      What each account type actually does is cater to the level of experience each person has. Let’s say you are starting with the bronze account, the time you get to the gold account, you will need more advanced services.

      Finally, if you want to read another review where I rate CM Trading, you can read it here.

  3. I just read your CM Trading South Africa review and i must say that the company sounds like it could be a good forex broker to use for any one who wants to get into forex trading.

    I also like that crypto-currency trading is available too, but Is bitcoin one of the available cryptocurrencies that i can trade?  

    Also i’m thinking that if i should decide to try this company i would start with a free demo account to see how everything works.  Now I’ve used the Metatrader 4 platform before and i see you mentioned it in your article as well.  So what i would like to know is if the MT4 platform is available for use with a free demo account?

    1. Hi Donald,

      The multicultural people that work at CM Trading is a testimonial of their capability to help people from across the world.

      Bitcoin is definitely one the crypto currencies that you can trade with, along with Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple.

      Both your accounts (demo and live account) will work on Metatrader 4. The fun thing is that you can continue to play with your demo account even after you are successful.

  4. I agree that in order to be financially free, we have to search for ways out of the traditional “employment” and being responsible for our own incomes is the only way how to experience freedom in height of the incomes, frequency and the actual place where the “work” will be done. 

    I like your idea of coming out of the article a lot. Now, you mentioned it is South African company, can people from another side of the world join too? Would you recommend it rather than Etoro for instance? (For beginner) Thank you! 

    1. Hi Julius,

      My greatest decision that I made was to implement Kaizen (self-improvement) to my lifestyle. Deciding to live life with every opportunity available to you is truly freeing.

      It may be a South African broker but yes, anyone can join them and start trading. They have consultants and account managers across the globe from many cultural backgrounds. Their expertise is available to anyone.

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