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Global Digital Marketing Summit e3 2019 (GDMS e3)

Today, I’d like to introduce to you an opportunity that many people look past and ignore the great intellect that is combined to give you the most interactive and informative event of the year (As far as we are in the year). I am of course speaking of the Global Digital Marketing Summit of 2019 (GDMS e3) hosted by the Texila American University.

Don’t let the title fool you. There’ll be an abundance of veteran speakers attending the summit, making a lot of goodies available to newbies and veterans alike. Yes, even veteran marketers can benefit from this event. I hope you find the rest of the post informative. Remember to pop any questions or opinions you may have in the comments section or even mail me, [email protected]

What is the Global Digital Marketing Summit all about?

The GDMS is proud of its slogan, Breaking Barriers in the Digital Era! And, that is exactly what they are offering you and me. With reliable up to date knowledge directly from well-known marketers in several niches, you won’t have to wait for their blogs to fill you in on their latest strategies and the trends they discovered. The GDMES e3 will give you an up close and personal experience with speakers such as Keith Keller, Julian Smit and Judy Winslow.

GDMS e2 and e1 was very successful and e3 speaks of the success of the previous events; offering even more speakers, locations and topics than 2018.


As I’ve said GDMS e3 offers a great deal more to today’s marketer that can be applied right now to your blogs, social media and many other niches. A few of the major takeaways will include:

  • Tracks into Multiple Aspects of Online Marketing
  • Groundbreaking & Challenging Speakers
  • Delivering Insights that will Uplift Your Business

Topics that will be Discussed

  • Visual Search
  • Video Marketing
  • Agile Marketing
  • AI & Behavioral Marketing
  • Voice Search
  • Programmatic Advertising
  • Social Media Stories
  • Big Data & Predictive Analysis

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Key Speakers

I’d like to let you know beforehand that I will write a post for each individual speaker in the coming weeks, allowing you to glimpse the potential of GDMS e3. You will discover which niche each speaker is an expert in and what they will potentially deliver at the event. Some noteworthy speakers include:

Global Digital Marketing Summit 2019
Global Digital Marketing Summit 2019

Global Digital Marketing Summit - GDMS e3. Photo by Carlos Muza

Texila American University

I also think a bit more information about the host will glean some light as to the reasons why this event is hosted and what they hope to achieve.

The university offers knowledge in the schools of medicine and business management and it is the latter that forms part of the GDMS e3 event. TAU is a private institute that promotes education in locations across the globe where it is lacking. I fully support their endeavors to assist people in reaching their goals in the medical and business schools. For more information you can click through on the title to discover more.

Texila e-Conference

The Texila e-Conference platform will be used to deliver the summit to global participants. TAU hopes to deliver the convenience of the location while avoiding unnecessary traveling costs, time and improving flexibility for the participant.

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Some advantages of participating in a Texila e-Conference include:

  • It is online, making it available across the globe.
  • You can attend the summit from the comfort of your home.
  • You will be able to network with people from across the globe.
  • Sessions are streamed live and is also available to access after it is done.
  • The information you receive is fresh off the press, allowing you to outsmart your competitors.
  • Your discovery of new ideas leads to you taking new routes in your respective niche.

What can you Gain from Participating in GDMS e3?

Latest Knowledge

GDMS e3 promises to shine light on the landscape of online marketing by giving you access from the comfort of your home to the latest trends in a diverse set of niches.

Get access to the latest knowledge and trends in online marketing from the specialists who have the greatest pool of expertise to share. Each of my follow up article will include a description of these speakers.


If you are a well-established business or even a new venture, you can receive exposure among the biggest brands and minds in marketing today. Learn how they have become their own brands; you will have access to great minds and opinions that will give you the honest and direct method for succeeding in your strategies. Your brand will be highlighted with other well-known brands.


Connect with fellow marketers who have years of experience and who are constantly studying the trends in their respective niche. Let them guide you through the best strategies to implement to succeed in your marketing campaigns. Ask them your burning questions and follow on discussions on what other learning marketers think of the speakers key points.


You will have access to the latest, diverse set of trends available for digital marketing today. Each aspect offers practical applications for immediate use within your strategies.


Have the latest digital marketing trends available at your fingertips on your favorite device; no hassle preparing the right environment to view the summit.

Global Access

The virtual e-conference platform allows you to participate from anywhere in the world without having to pay for traveling expenses or set travel time apart to join in the discussion.

Carry Through

Get working on the takeaways immediately after you have fully participated in the summit. Take your ideas and apply them to your business or niche.

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Where Can You Buy Tickets?

The event promises to be even better than that of e2 and e1. More speakers and greater participation promises that more on a topic will be discussed with participation and opinions. Texila AMerican University are hosting the GLobal Digital Marketing Summit via Eventbrite.


Global Digital Summit e3 (GDMS e3) - Photo by fancycrave
Global Digital Summit e3 (GDMS e3) – Photo by fancycrave

You can pick up your ticket Eventbritehere! At current retail it is valued $125. You will have access to both days of the summit (8th & 9th of May). You will be able to participate in a live Q & A session and network with fellow marketers!

No need to worry about attending the events at each location because it will be streamed live; so you can view it comfortably at home.

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There are many tools and pieces of knowledge online that just do not come together as the GDMS e3 event. Many of you probably have experienced this scattering of knowledge that you seem to discover on your own. With this summit, many of the greatest marketing minds will come together to discuss a core principle that is aimed at educating you; online marketing in a digital era.

The value placed on this event cannot be compared in monetary value and to what after lessons will be discovered by yourself as you process each speakers wisdom. I believe every tool that is open and available to us should be used as best we can; even if you are a new or veteran marketer.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post. For any questions or information on the Global Digital Marketing Summit, leave me a comment or mail, [email protected]

Have you attended a GDMS event or Texila American University? What are your thoughts about this opportunity?

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19 thoughts on “Digital Marketing for Dummies & Veterans – by Texila American University

  1. I came across your site by chance and i feel it’s nice to comment on your write-up, really loved the way you introduced the Global digital marketing submit, I’ve never heard about it but from what you have listed, I believe it’ll be an experience to behold going by all the goodies and features attached to the even. Thanks for the information

  2. It’s funny that I came across this article.  I am working through a training program right now designed for affiliate marketers, and one of the training modules I just went through was an interview with a very successful marketer who was giving tips and tricks to success.  He went on and on about live events and conferences.  I didn’t even know such a thing existed, I had never received any notification about any summits or anything, until now!  Here this is!  I’m super excited.

    1. Hi Babsie.

      Yes, this is a great opportunity for digital marketers to come together and discuss what can be done right now to improve your success over your competitors.

      I am glad you liked it!

  3. Hi there,

    I accidentally come across your article about Global Digital Marketing Summit of 2019 and I find it would be an excellent opportunity for me to learn about Video Marketing, Agile Marketing and AI & Behavioral Marketing, which I always wanted to learn.
    I should circulate the post amongst my LinkedIn group who might be interested to join too.

    Thanks again for the article.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thank you, Shamalka! I would appreciate it very much. This is a golden opportunity for marketers to learn something new!

  4. Thanks for this informative article! The GDMS e3 sounds like an amazing opportunity to learn new things and immerse more in the topic of digital marketing in which of course we as bloggers are highly interested! I will mark the dates in my calendar and participate in the streaming of this conference. This is really a great overview and gets me quite excited for this upcoming event – thanks a lot!

  5. Thanks for this informative article! The GDMS e3 sounds like an amazing opportunity to learn new things and immerse more in the topic of digital marketing in which of course we as bloggers are highly interested! I will mark the dates in my calendar and participate in the streaming of this conference. This is really a great overview and gets me quite excited for this upcoming event – thanks a lot!

    1. Hi Simon. As far the year goes, this one of the best events to attend in 2019. I myself am looking forward to it!

  6. Thanks for writing this review on global digital marketing summit e3.although this is my first time of hearing about this digital marketing summit either way it all good because am happy am going to be a partaker in this summit,reading this article there really a lot to gain attending and  the aspect I like about this summit is that it is online which don’t require travelling from one place to another

    1. Hi Afolabi!

      You can enjoy it from home, which is amazing. I am also a new marketer so it will still be a while off before I can make this my career and travel the world attending such events. 🙂

  7. Wow! I’ve never heard of the GDMS e3 event before! It’s great to discover this website and article on internet affiliate marketing. I need all the resources and help I can get to ensure success in my online business ventures. I’ll be checking out the speakers to learn more about what they can offer to help make me an online success. Thanks for this excellent article.

    1. Cultivating success is what World Affiliate is all about, Dawn! I hope this event offers you great success and that you reap double or triple the benefits of it!

  8. Thanks for sharing this nice piece here, you have really enlightened me more on digital marketing. I appreciate you taking time and breaking it all down for us. This is great. I have always wonder how to start making money online as a digital marketer and your article just helped me out. Again, thanks for sharing this great article. I will surely give it a thought.

    1. Thank you Musbau! This event will surely put you on the right track. And since they will discuss several aspects of marketing, there’s a lot to learn.

  9. This upcoming GDMS e3 conference sounds very interesting and it is not even that expensive from the prices for the online tickets. The location is also pretty cool (Jamaica). That alone might be enough to get a good turnout for the summit. Two days is also quick enough that people can fit it into their often tight schedules.

    I am not aware of the speakers that you mention, but that is not surprising, as I lurk on the periphery of that world and keep my ear to the ground from afar. Literally from afar, as I am in Dubai at the moment. I will be just arriving back in the USA  at the end of April. so this is one I likely will have to sit out, so I cannot actually attend the conference in person.

    The online access does seem to be a way to see all the activities live from afar though, so that is likely how I will attend. I await your writeups of the speakers, plus I like that our brand can be highlighted as well. There are many ways to benefit from this summit it seems!

    I will be back to check out your profile of the speakers and see what other people are thinking about this summit. I for one think it will be a super event with lots of good tips and cutting edge ideas for the rest of the year. Again, well worth the $125 for online access. Do you have any idea how many people attend these online?  

    1. Thank you Dave!

      The previous GDMS events attracted quite a few people. In 2018 more than 3000 people attended the event with more than 80 speakers! This event promises to be even bigger.

      I am personally excited about the topics they will be discussing. Since I consider myself still new to the digital marketing field, it will be worth it.

  10. Sounds interesting Ian!
    I’m really into Digital Marketing and I would be thrilled at the chance of sharpening my knowledge even more. And man, if SEM Rush is there, it is an event we cannot miss out on! Voice search is something coming our way in SEO and I’ve heard about it from a lot of influential bloggers so I definitely need to be there. Thanks for sharing this, E-Conference here I come!

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