Double Your Forex Investment In 3 Months – Best Forex Strategy For 2020

Double Your Forex Investment In 3 Months - Best Strategy To Succeed In 2020

To be honest, I wanted to put a bolder title in the headline. Because the strategy that I am going to discuss, has so much more potential than doubling your Forex income in 3 months. I want to give it a fair trial and so should you. I have only started my Forex trading journey less than 12 months ago, so why did it work for me and why should you trust what I say?

The answer is simple. This strategy is simple to use, simple to understand and capable of generating thousands of dollars with a small investment in the Forex market. The most important thing to remember is that you need to make the strategy your own in order for it to work.

Let’s see why…

How Does This Strategy Work? – The Overall Guideline

Again, I want to say that this strategy is easy to use and doesn’t require you go in-depth on each element that is required to use it. Rather, I would have you learn the simple steps that you will repeat over and over again until you are comfortable enough with the outcome to trust that this strategy will work. Double Your Forex Investment In 3 Months. Photo by geralt.

I will discuss this strategy as though you already have the basic knowledge of Forex trading. You know how to read charts and how to add indicators and have a basic understanding of how to implement strategies.

I cannot guarantee that you will get the same results as I did but the potential for this strategy to work is definitely there. It worked for me and I consider myself very new to the Forex market (less than 12 months experience) and I was able to pull a profit from this strategy where several other strategies I used only had an average 50% success rating. This strategy easily surpasses that. Your success rate is determined by how dedicated you are to learn and apply this strategy.

Another key point that I like to mention to investors that join my broker is that there is a lot of money to be made in Forex trading, but the same can be said about losing money. There is no such thing as an investor that doesn’t lose money. So you have to be prepared take a loss and move onward with your trading journey.

What Indicators Are Necessary? – The 3 Key Ingredients

There are two indicators and one index you should learn to trust with this strategy. Learn them, know them and apply them correctly and you should see results within the first trade you make. That is of course the supposed way a strategy should work.

Relative Strength Index – RSI

In brief, the RSI indicator determines whether the momentum of a currency pair is going to cause a swing or turnaround in the market. So if the market is bullish, when is the most likely occurrence of it becoming bearish and vice versa.

I am not going in-depth on the history and primary use of this indicator. What I want you to know is that you should stay within the safe zone of trading this indicator displays. First let me show you what the indicator looks like.

RSI Indicator Usage. Double Your Forex Investment In 3 Months

The RSI Indicator is displayed below the candle chart in the above image. The safe zone that I am talking about is between the 30 and 70 mark indicated at A & B. As long as the market stays within these boundaries you can safely trade with strategy. As you progress in your experience with this strategy you can learn to anticipate the swing of the market and trade out-of-bounds (above 70 and below 30), but it isn’t recommended.

Out of bound areas that you need to avoid is indicated between C & D. Once the market reaches an out-of-bounds area (above 70 in this instance) you must start preparing for a swing (the market will become bearish in this case). It is always good to trade right at the beginning of a trend, but more on that later.

Parabolic SAR

This is a rather fun indicator that is really simple to understand. First let me show you what it looks like.

Parabolic SAR Usage. Double Your Forex Investment In 3 MonthsThe Parabolic SAR is represented by the blips or specks you see above and below the candles. When it is below a candle, the trend of the market is moving upwards. When the blips are above the candle, the market is moving or trending downwards.

As you can see in the image, the blips between A & B is below the candle which means the market is trending upwards. The blips will always move closer to the candle as the trend progresses. Once a candle touches or closes against a blip, a swing in the market is imminent and you should prepare for a trend reversal.

USNDX – US Dollar Index

The US Index will be your entry point and be used like an indicator to determine the trend of the overall market. This means it’s a chart that you select among the currency pairs and commodities, but its main purpose is to indicate the trend of the market. Let me show you what it looks like.USNDX or US Dollar Index Usage. Double Your Forex Investment In 3 Months The RSI and Parabolic SAR indicators are used as in previous examples, but what is most important to note is the trend direction the US dollar is moving in. It has a strong momentum that is not as easily broken as with currency pairs.

The reason is that this index displays the overall movement of the US dollar. Remember that you use the blips or Parabolic SAR to determine in which direction the market is moving.

How Do These Elements Work Together? – Step-By-Step Explanation

Now we can really dig into the strategy. I will explain it to you in simple and clear steps.Double Your Forex Investment In 3 Months. Photo by athree23

Step 1 – Set Up Your Indicators

  • Set your RSI indicator to the given period of 14 candles.
  • Set your Parabolic SAR to the given values. No changes are necessary.
  • Save these indicator settings in a new profile.
  • Open the USNDX index and load the new profile onto this chart.

Step 2 – Determine The Trend Of The Market

Use the US Dollar Index along with the Parabolic SAR to determine the trend the US Dollar is moving in on a 4-hour chart. If it is showing an upward trend then you will only open buy trades and if you see a downward trend you will only open sell trades. Easy so far, see?

Step 3 – Choose The Right Currencies

Select currency pairs that include the US Dollar and any other major currency pairs, set them to the 4-hour period and load the profile you just saved. Avoid exotic pairs that is paired with the US Dollar. There are some major currency pairs to ignore and these include USDJPY and the USDCHF. Avoid these pairs as they either work against the USNDX index trend or in the case of the USDCHF, the volatility in some cases do not deliver the desired result.

Step 4 – Determine Each Currency Pair Trend Direction

Remember that you determined the trend direction of the USNDX or the overall movement of the US Dollar? Now you use it.

Check each currency pair you’ve selected for a trend where the US dollar is moving in the same direction as in the USNDX. So for e.g., if the USNDX displayed a downward trend for The US Dollar and you see the Euro is gaining against the US Dollar, then a viable trade is open.

But, remember that the RSI should indicate it is safe first before you open the trade.

Step 5 – Open The Trade

It’s the simplest trade to open, no buy limits or Take Profit. Place a stop loss that is comfortably away from your opening bid. This does mean you have to regularly check up on your trades. The average time it takes for the trade to turn a profit is between 12 and 36 hours.

I personally trade without a stop loss and if a trade does go in the wrong direction I just wait for it to correct itself or I hedge out of it.

How Much Capital Should I Risk?

I tend to risk no more than 10% of my capital per trade. It allows your trades to move comfortable around towards your profit. I also never allow my Free Margin to drop below 100%. So I only open enough trades that will keep my Free Margin far above 100% (usually beyond 300%).

How Much Capital Is Required To Make This Strategy Work?

The more capital you invest the higher your yield will be. That is because I work on a dynamic lot size everytime I open a trade. Everytime I open a trade I risk 10% of my available capital.Double Your Forex Investment In 3 Months. Photo by Pixabay

More than that, this strategy works well with a minimum capital of $1500 and the profits grow profoundly the more capital you have available.

I personally experienced that with a capital between $1500 and $5000 dollars you have the potential to make between $40 and $400 per trade.

Proven Results – Proof Of Concept

Teaching you this strategy will not be complete without at least giving some proof that it works. So in this section I will display some profits that I made. Oh, and I mostly trade on my phone. No desktop required.

At first my trust was shaky with this strategy. I closed trades that I shouldn’t, for fear that it wouldn’t swing around and I wasn’t willing to let the trade be until it made the better profit.

Double Your Forex Investment In 3 Months. Photo by IanAs I progressed and my trust in the strategy solidified I started seeing better results.Double Your Forex Investment In 3 Months. Photo by Ian.

Learn From My Mistakes – The Value Of This Post

I truly hope that you have learned something from this post. I have learned the pro’s and con’s of this strategy so that you don’t have to. What I have given you is a guide on taking off far beyond where I started.

Let me know in the comments what you think about this strategy and when you used it, what results you have received.

This strategy was given to me as part of my training when I started with CM Trading. Without their help I wouldn’t have come close to the growth I have experienced.

If you want to read more about them and what they have to offer, just click here to read my post.

Double Your Forex Investment In 3 Months. Photo by Fotografierend

4 thoughts on “Double Your Forex Investment In 3 Months – Best Forex Strategy For 2020

  1. For a total newbie, this is really valuable information. I love how you showed us how you progressed after a little experience and confidence. 

    Your step-by-step guide is super helpful, too, and I really want to try this. But I think I could use just a bit more beginner info and was wondering if you have anything like that you could point me to? Thank you! 

    1. Hi Katie,

      Thank you for giving me the feedback. I am glad you found this post valuable; I won’t prosper if you don’t.

      Forex isn’t easily understood so usually recommend this one e-book that teaches you the basics just to get you started. It clarifies basic terminology as well as how to place your first trade all in small sections. If you want to read more about the book just follow this link >>> https://worldaffiliate.marketi

  2. Hello there,  this is a very well put together strategy. If you know how to place trades. Your post has everything you need to learn how to double your account. 

    It just seem more in line with what I want to accomplish. Learning how to find good trades that have so much profit potential and yet still hold to proper risk management, really I can’t thank you enough. Thanks for sharing 

    1. Hi Patrick, I appreciate the feedback. You already have the confidence necessary to make this strategy work. Now go and give it a trial. If it doubled my investment in as little as 3 months, it should do the same for you!

      I wish you all the best of the potential waiting out there!

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