An aspect that is part of World Affiliate is reviews. I will regularly add reviews of websites, services, schools, universities and courses to World Affiliate. One of the more prominent reviews I will add is about the Wealthy Affilate University which focuses on making money online.

This is the core topic of World Affiliate, to educate you as reader on making passive and full time incomes. You can browse the sections below on reviews that I have completed. Go through to each post and engage; ask me questions and find out what you’d like to know about each product.

World Affiliate Reviews. Photo by PatternPictures

Passive Income Reviews

Reviews listed here fall into the category of passive income generation. If you want to find out more on how to generate a passive income as well as determine if the organization that offers it is worth investing in, this is the place to start.

Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a while now and my journey with them is an ongoing process. As I continue my journey, I will regularly add updated reviews of my experience with them.

  1. Why the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Training is not a Scam ? The Truth Revealed!
  2. Wealthy Affiliate Review ? Personal Passive Income Opportunity

Smart Trade College

My journey with the Smart Trade College started with some doubt but I will add more posts to see if it improves.

  1. Smart Trade College ? Do You Learn How to do Forex?

Event Reviews – Events Related to Online Marketing

As I get approached by other organizations, I will list their promotions and reviews here.


The Global Digital Marketing Summit started the first semester of the year with a bang. To find out what they offered on their event, you can read posts about them here.

  1. Digital Marketing for Dummies & Veterans ? by Texila American University
  2. Global Digital Marketing Summit 2019 ? Alan See

World Affiliate Reviews. Photo by Roman Pohorecki

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