Smart Trade College – Do You Learn How to do Forex?


I am going to be honest. This review on the Smart Trade College does not have a happy ending. In fact, my journey with them never even started, yet. Why? Stick around and find out if I learned how to do forex trading. This is going to be an honest review with facts that will contradict their Hello Peter reviews.

My first choice in their set is to learn to trade Forex. But let us see if they deliver the promise they make; to build relationships.

I am a big supporter of writing positive reviews on products by deliberately selecting products that are great. But every once in a while, you come across a product that is not so great.

Be sure to read to the end of the post to discover the latest development with my interaction of the Smart Trade College.

Product Specifications

Diversit-e Smart Trade College Review. Image by Smart Trade College.
Diversit-e Smart Trade College Review. Image by Smart Trade College.

Name: Diversit-e Smart Trade College


Overall Rank: 15 out of 100

What does the Diversit-e Smart Trade College Teach You?

It’s a college that aims to remove the day to day drag of living for the office life and give you an opportunity to make a passive income. This source of income can include trading forex, CFD’s, global market and commodities.

They offer personal mentorship to reach profitable avenues of income For a monthly fee, you can have access to this school including the tools that it offers to get you to the good life. To be honest, I experience that their market is for the 40+ market with a bit idealistic advertising techniques that the younger generations should see through.

Where did my first experience begin with them?

I am always on the lookout for additional passive income streams, so I was lucky enough to one day come across a local ad displayed on LinkedIn. I was thrilled to find a South African college that taught this, because this meant I can find a reliable system that could educate me.

I met with the representative of the college and with a wonderful presentation, signed a contract to start with the training as soon as possible. After this, everything went downhill.

What Has Happened Since Then? – Kudos to Diversit-e?

I want to highlight something about the Smart Trade College that I personally liked. They allowed me to sign a contract for considerably lower monthly installment than the education is priced on. This made my initial experience with them so much more worthwhile. But it didn’t last long.

Starting in the month of April 2019, I waited for another month to hear back from the college. After the monthly installment have not been deducted on the date agreed upon, I began to worry that I fell for a scam.

After contacting the representative, he was under the impression that my contract has been processed and I was already busy with trading. That was not the case, since I not one person from the college contacted me in this period.

Ten days into May 2019, and today was the first time light has been shed on why I haven’t heard from them. Apart from some admin errors, the reason why I haven’t started with my education into forex trading is that they do not accept their own contract to be valid and will not educate me because the monthly installment that was agreed upon was not enough.

Amendment – 13 May 2019

The above mentioned is still relevant. To give my readers a perspective of what was the situation and what is the situation now, I’ll keep the post in tact except for this new development that took place today.

I have been contacted by Smart Trade College with regard to the matter of poor communication. The service delivered and poor communication was delivered on affiliate level. You cannot always get the best service that affiliates strives for, especially if it is not as open as for e.g. a blog.

One of the directors of Smart Trade College, deeply apologizes for the poor service on affiliate level and from today will offer the package they accepted on the day of signing my contract with immediate entrance to the school.

This is a real measure of post-product engagement, and for that I will amend my rating of Smart Trade College.

My Final Verdict – Why the Long Face?

My biggest issue with the Diversit-e Smart Trade College is their lack of communication. They promote themselves as this company who loves to build relationships with their clients, but I can personally say that it isn’t true. They shy away from communicating clearly from day 1, and any attempt that the client makes to get a clear progress report from them, ends in silence.

Secondly, this was to jump start my career into forex trading. Thus, taking that step should be easy with a company that highlights its quality to build relationships. A simple contract that should establish an agreement that a service will be delivered for the agreed upon exchange of a monthly installment should suffice, right?

No, a signed contract that has been agreed upon means nothing to the college which in the end proves one point; that a contract holds no value for them. If their word on a contract does not have value then how do you sustain trust in a school that would supposedly educate you in the long term?

Another issue I’d like to shine on is the fact that this service seems only to be tailored towards to the well off middle to upper class that can afford this. This is stating this with the South African economy in mind. The lower class has no chance has no chance of accessing this service, I’ve tried.

Even when they offer you a lowered monthly premium, they will still decline it for fear of taking a risk on the potential income you can make with their guidance.

I give the Diversit-e Smart Trade College a score of 15/100 for one reason only; for delivering a great presentation and allowing me to participate in their education for a lowered fee. The rest of the journey I cannot complete because of my disappointment that they would not accept their own contract and thus nothing further can take place.

Furthermore, the score reflects the lack of communication I received and being kept in the dark. People building relationships should at least attempt to ensure their client is happy when they are in the process of applying for a service.

My Amended Rating

With the happenings in the section of my amendment I move the Smart Trade College’s rating to 60/100. I am curious to see if this service extends to the lifetime education that they offer.

This rating reflects their response to the core issue in this post. The motivation to improve the relationship between client and deliver the service they promised is a good indicator of the potential they can reach.

6 thoughts on “Smart Trade College – Do You Learn How to do Forex?

  1. The most annoying thing when you purchase something such as an info product or course is when you get lack of communication from the creators. Only when I get response from the creators do I feel like I am welcome and I am valued as a customer who wants to get results. What could they communicate to make you feel more secure?

    1. Hi Jon,

      Communicating to your client regularly and making them feel welcome makes a BIG difference, and experiencing the lack of it from the Smart Trade College left me wondering what would’ve happened if I actually was accepted to do the Forex course. Will they have continued that lack of communication that would’ve lead me to a loss if income instead of helping me.

      I feel they could’ve at least kept me in the loop and not deliver false hope.

      As I’ve said in my response to Gomer comment. Wealthy Affiliate treated me the exact opposite way and today I am a proud and successful member that can attribute some success to the fact that every member there feels welcome and is kept in the loop.

  2. It happens all the time, that somewhere along the line, deals break up because of lack of communication. My opinion is, Smart Trade College won’t reach its full potential for the reason that they have not addressed the issue of communication break down. Like you said, there’s a lack of communication between parties that resulted to misinterpretation of things. There are lot of online programs that have similar problem, but I feel for you, bro. What an expensive learning.

    1. As a blogger that is in the business of communication and education, I understand your viewpoint. It gives me some hope that this will lead to other people not fall for the same flaw that the Smart Trade College has. 

      I’ve experienced the exact opposite with Wealthy Affiliate, another school I did a review on, that leads by example, and by whose great hospitality I have come to design this website and have lead me to great success. All because of their exemplary communication skills.

  3. Hello Mr Nel,
    Your review posted refers.

    Our telephonic conversation on date hereof has reference. I am Francois Oosthuizen, the proud Owner of Diversit-e Smart Trade College. I make use of Reseller Agents and Affiliates to re-sell and distribute my products and services. Obviously do I not have control over who they present to and what was agreed upon and or communicated. I apologise for any inconvenience caused and THANK YOU for sharing your experience which clearly shows a “flaw” in the system. Had this not happened would I not be aware of this and am busy making work of this.

    I will honour the agreement as made with the Reseller Agent and accept you as a valued Client under the wings of Head Office.

    May your learning experience be both profitable and memorable!
    Again, my sincere apologies!

    Committed to your trading success,
    Francois Oosthuizen (M.D.)


    1. Hi Francois.

      I hope this chapter concludes and that we can move forward to building a partnered business/client relationship. Thank you again for reaching out and offering a solution to this situation.

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